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Gas Monitoring and Detection

Authorized representative for RKI Instruments — protecting lives and property from the hazardous gases and vapors.

Gas Monitoring and Detection Equipment Featuring RKI Instruments

  • Fixed and Portable Units

  • Wireless and Wired Devices

  • Detection of Single Gases and Multiple Gases 

  • Service and Calibration

Gas Detection for All Industries

  • Construction

  • Oil and Gas

  • Refining and Petrochemical

  • Mining

  • Fire and Hazmat

  • Chemical Plants

  • Water and Wastewater

Gas Types Detected

  • Oxygen, O2

  • Carbon Monoxide, CO

  • Carbon Dioxide, CO2

  • Ethylene and Aldehydes, C2H4, C2H2CL2, C2H3CL, C2H4O, C2H4O2

  • Methane, CH4

  • Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs

  • Arsine, AsH3

  • Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S

  • Oxygen, Combustible Gases, Formaldehyde, and Organic Vapors

  • Freon and Fumigation Gases

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