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Safety, Training and Compliance, Inspections and QC, and Sales.

At Mellevet we specialize in safety and compliance consulting and training services, skills training, operator qualification, inspections and quality control, and sales including: quality control and welding inspection; building and home inspections, operator training; and first aid training and sales. Serving the Four Corners area and beyond with trainings and consulting at our customer’s sites or at our well-equipped Safety Compliance Training Center in Bloomfield, New Mexico.

Old fashioned Victorian house

Building Inspections

Gas measurement




Stack of hardhats



Green first aid kit

First Aid and Medical Training

and Sales

PEC Training

Forklift carrying materials

Safety Training

People holding hardhats at their side

Operator Qualification, Training and Certification

Gas Monitoring and Detection

Person holding a clipboard and pen inspecting materials

Inspection and Quality Control

Certified Representative for:

A man inspects a forklift, holding a pen and pad.

Inspections and Quality Control

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